Index Annuities are Better Than…

One of the greatest nightmares of retirees is outliving their income and savings. Who wouldn’t be anxious about cutting back on their current lifestyle just because they don’t have enough money left? Luckily, there’s this thing called annuities, and this podcast is specifically designed to talk about them. There are a lot of discussions revolving around different types of annuities, specifically one called Indexed Annuities.

Indexed annuities are designed to provide a conservative retirement income alternative with several advantages, including protection from loss, guaranteed minimum returns, and tax deferral. What’s even better is that you gain some market upside while lowering your risk. It’s without a doubt that index annuities are a safe investment as they protect your savings from potential losses even better than other investment plans. Yes, you’ve read it right, and if you’re wondering why, then give this episode a listen. 

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

[2:43] Bryan talks about how interest rates are shooting up dramatically.

[2:57] Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities (MYGA) are at a point now where they’re starting to bring back the 10% free withdrawal in a lot of contracts.

[5:16] Index annuities all have a fixed rate because the fixed annuity is the baseline, or is the foundational product of that opportunity.

[8:24] Because fixed rates were low then, the accompanying indexed rates, the participation rates, and the cap rates were not that high.

[10:16] An index annuity is better than a fixed annuity and is better than bonds.

[11:05] Given that bonds have dropped so much, index annuities have increased their opportunity as much as fixed annuities.

[16:13] Index annuities are usually better than fixed annuities, and they’re definitely better than bonds. 

Key Quotes:

[7:30] “The reason why I started selling indexed annuities is that fixed annuities are so low.”

[13:55] “I do like longer contracts because the more years that you have, the better chance that you have of actually beating that rate.”


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