Leisure Time in Retirement

A few years ago I wrote this newsletter that underscores something that is just as important as financial plans in retirement, (More Important Than Money in Retirement). While financial matters are most often the focus of this blog, I have realized over time that many people also need a plan for the free time that comes from not having to work anymore.

Go ahead and check out the post from 2019 that continues to be a theme with nearly everyone I meet today. No one likes to deal with financial stuff and many wish that it was never a problem at all. So, take a little time and dream about the other objectives you have for retirement. Whether it be golf, grandkids or long afternoon naps, you can often take the pressure off financial decisions by focusing on something more pleasant.

I have no problem finding things to do with my free time. It’s one of the reasons I live in Montana. Being a hunter and fisherman, Montana gives me plenty of outlets when I need to get away. A couple weeks ago, I went on an annual fishing trip with a few college buddies. It’s the perfect opportunity to distract everyone from the mayhem of current events and show you how I balance both career and lifestyle.

I tell the full story in the podcast and have posted the photos below. Good fishing, excellent bar food and several capable buddies made it a memorable weekend. I suggest you all forget about financial matters for a while and start to dream about the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Podcast about Leisure Time in Retirement

Freeway Tavern in Butte, MT for some Wop Chops!
One of My Big Fish with Chunk on the Net
Me on the Net This Time and Chunk with a Nice Fish
Last Cast of the Trip. Jim and Casey with a Double!!!

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