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  • Are You Shock-Proof?

    You can chose not to lose!! Every asset class can suffer dramatic drops in value- are you protected?

  • Dirty Litte Secrets

    The dirty little secret of the investment world…. and what you can do to protect yourself!

  • The #1 Reason To Invest

    Boil down your investments to the single most important thing we all should be focused on…. and what Wall Street totally ignores!

  • The Right Annuity

    Why selecting the right annuity is critical, and what kinds of annuities are definitely NOT right!

  • What Is There To Hate?

    Call out the hypocrisy of the ‘I hate annuities and you should too’ crowd.  They are only concerned with protecting their fee income, not your money!

  • Asset Allocation

    Don’t be fooled by Wall Street! Effective asset allocation takes care of essential needs first, then leaves the rest for other uses.



As Seen On Ribbon

Robbins-postimageTony Robbins in a new book about the investing strategies of the rich called “Money: Master The Game” reminds his readers to focus on income first, and pounds the table advocating index annuities.

As powerful as these FIA’s (Fixed Index Annuities) can be for a safe-money return, it’s their ability to simultaneously provide you a guaranteed lifetime income stream that makes them so darn attractive. And while I like fixed indexed annuities for the reasons above (principal guarantees, tax efficiency, upside without downside), I have come to love them for the guaranteed income aspects. This is what happens when we elect to add a guaranteed lifetime income rider.

Tony Robbins, Money- Master the Game, page 430

2-rules-money-Warren-BuffettWarren Buffet’s famous rules apply perfectly to annuities

1) Don’t Lose Money

2) See Rule # 1

Source: Wikiquote


Ben BernankeFederal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has a complex job manning the world’s largest economy, but when it comes to his own finances he keeps it pretty simple.

The chairman’s financial disclosure form, released Tuesday, showed that Bernanke’s holdings last year were in no-frills investments, including U.S. Treasury securities, mutual funds and annuities.

The Fed chief’s largest assets last year were two annuities — TIAA Traditional and CREF Stock Large Cap Blend, which were each valued at between $500,001 to $1,000,000.

Source: ABC News

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