What if an Insurance Company Fails?

It’s a great question and you are justified to ask it.  Here is my explanation as to why annuities are basically the safest option for money in retirement.  The video below covers an old newsletter that needed to be updated with a little deeper explanation.  You can read the article or watch the video for more info and commentary.

Here’s the article link and the video is below… https://annuitystraighttalk.com/newsletter/what-if-an-insurance-company-goes-bankrupt/


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Bryan Anderson

4 thoughts on “What if an Insurance Company Fails?

  1. Good job as usual Bryan. Keep up the great informative info coming. Hope all is well. All is well on this end. Have a happy and festive holiday season.

    Keep me on your list.

    Carl S.

  2. Excellent! I hope your left hand/wrist heals quickly. Thank goodness it was not your right hand trigger finger on the elk hunt this year.

  3. Dear Bryan:

    I hope your optimism proves on point in the case of CB Life. Prior to purchasing my 2 annuities with a representative of the CT insurance department assured me I was completely covered by the guarantee fund but after reading the on line postings on the company website I am not so sure. I’m afraid they will hold the funds until the contract maturity date, just waiting for the annuitant-owners to die. Any thoughts?

    1. John – I’m pretty certain you’ll get your money back but defining a time would purely be speculation. There’s no way the company is just waiting to stiff contract owners when they die. There are rules and a process that have to play out. It doesn’t seem like CB Life has a portfolio any other company wants so it’s likely this will go to the guaranty funds after all assets have been liquidated. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait and see.

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