No Fees and Control of Your Money

Bryan Anderson, founder of Annuity Straight Talk, speaks with Ashok Ramji, a financial consultant with TOP Planning LLC, an independent asset protection and retirement income planning firm serving retirees and pre-retirees alike. In this episode, our hosts address some concerns that people have regarding annuities.

Bryan and Ashok discuss the lack of consensus regarding retirement income and illustrate some of the differences between the insurance approach and the investment approach when it comes to decumulation. They also explain why insurance companies offer multiple products and dive into the five keys to retirement planning.

Bryan breaks down some numbers as he shares a story about one of his clients who had an indexed annuity. He then looks back on the years he spent as a fishing guide and how those experiences helped him connect with and learn from successful men.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [02:02] Annuity Straight Talk’s laid-back yet personal approach when it comes to recommending products or solutions available
  • [04:20] An introduction to the systematic withdrawal plan
  • [06:42] Why insurance companies have multiple annuities
  • [08:12] The two biggest complaints people have about annuity
  • [10:40] The five keys to retirement planning
  • [11:28] Lifetime guaranteed annuity compared to hiding money under a mattress
  • [15:48] About a man who had $230,000 in savings and wanted to produce $1,200 per month in retirement
  • [21:09] How the effectivity of a product depends on an individual’s circumstances
  • [22:10] On market volatility, inflation, and fees
  • [25:28] Bryan’s takeaways from his stint as a fishing guide

Key quotes:

  • “A lot of people feel like, if they get an annuity, they’re letting go (of control over their money). They don’t realize that all they’re doing is opening a different account at a different institution.” ~Bryan
  • “If you’re not looking at the alternative, you’re potentially leaving something on the table. So why wouldn’t you want a second opinion?” ~Bryan
  • “Play the cards you’re dealt but, importantly, you want to have flexibility when you play those cards.” ~Ashok

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Podcast about No Fees and Control of Your Money

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