No Loss, Unlimited Upside

Determining whether annuities are a good financial decision boils down to where you are in your retirement journey. With the stock market seeming to reach new highs, investors face a puzzle. They want to profit if the market stays strong. But many Americans, especially older ones also fear the market is due for a major correction sooner than we’ve predicted.

Now you might be wondering is there a way to get some stock-market upside without any downside risk? Tag along with John and Bryan in this episode to find out.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

[2:10] Is there a way to get all of the market upside with no loss?

[5:27] The level of trust it would take to believe someone who says that something is impossible.

[5:50] If you don’t trust the insurance company, who would you trust to get that done?

[9:47] The principles are pretty simple and it’s not that hard to understand.

[11:13] The lack of volatility in those lower yielding products can produce similar results in the long run.

[22:26] Describe what the measured move is.

[28:52] How do you make good decisions based on the available information in the current market?

Key Quotes:

[2:23] “The hardest thing to do is to tell people and give them a reality check. If you want upside you got to deal with the big downside” 

[29:05] “Right now is a good time to get into fixed products.”

[32:04] “It’s not a fairytale; we’re talking about real numbers and how you make a difference in your retirement plan.”


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