Guaranteed Minimum Annuity Values

A Guaranteed Minimum Annuity Value (GMAV) is a valuable feature for annuity owners. It provides a sense of security knowing that their annuity has a guaranteed minimum value, regardless of how the market performs. However, it is crucial to carefully evaluate the terms and costs of any annuity contract before deciding to purchase one.

In this episode, Bryan will provide his expert insights on how this feature works and offer valuable advice on determining whether a GMAV is a suitable choice for your financial goals and needs.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

[1:23] The Good Value of Using Annuities for Retirement

[2:42] Guaranteed Minimum Annuity Values and Effects of Higher Interest Rates in Annuities

[6:00] Don’t Be an “Armchair Economist.” Don’t Wait Too Long.

[6:57] Perks of Specifying Guaranteed Minimum to Your Contract

[8:11] The Difference Between a Surrender Value and Guaranteed Surrender Value

[14:42] 2024 Interest Rates Predictions

[16:21] The Value of Both Using an Index Annuity and Fixed Annuity

Key Quotes:

[7:47] “If you want to learn about annuities you have to learn about their structure and how they’re built.”


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