How Mules are Like Annuities

Horses are great but training them requires a lot of work. Their unpredictability can often be detrimental, and it takes an experienced rider to keep them steady. On the other hand, Mules are attentive, patient, always there, and always ready. 

But why are we talking about mules and horses today? What does that have to do with annuities?

Because, like mules, annuities are a good investment. In times of uncertainty in this unpredictable world, an annuity can be your best friend. Because they’re there to offer you stability, and you can rely on them in the long run. If you’re not yet convinced, listen to Bryan, play that button and hear it for yourself. 

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

[5:08] The purpose of annuities is to improve your life and to create safety

[9:40] What are mules?

[19:52] Bryan shares their experience riding a mule in Yellowstone

[21:55] It’s great to be in an annuity; great products, great rates, and great things coming back

[25:40] Mules and their distinctive personalities 

[27:50] Similarities between mules and a desirable retirement 

[27:54] Mules are just like annuities, they provide safety, security when everything else is unpredictable  

Key Quotes:

[8:13] “Between mules and annuities, the only people who don’t like them, are the ones who don’t understand them.”

[20:27] “Mules are just like annuities because they’re steady and reliable when everything else is unpredictable.” 

[27:23] When we think about what we are then and what we are now, there are so many uncertainties. There are so many risk factors out there. Go back, be in a peaceful place and enjoy. 


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