Mortality Table Showing Late Life Mortality Deceleration
Longevity risk is the risk of potentially outliving your money. Longevity is a good thing, but life without income is not fun…

That might just be the understatement of the year…

But perfectly timing the drawdown your assets to bounce your last check is next to impossible.

Solutions? Either substantial assets far in excess of your spending needs, or sacrificing your lifestyle and deliberately not spending all you have, are valid ways to go…

But how about a more palatable solution…. A guarantee and insurance, can easily solve this risk.

Annuitization- turning assets into income with an annuity product- is mathematically proven to be the most efficient way of utilizing assets.

Income annuities generate more income per dollar of capital invested than any other income-generating asset class, are non-correlated with equity and bond markets, and perfectly hedge longevity risk– a powerful combination of features to address a significant set of challenges.

Source: Financial Research Corporation Whitepaper

Longevity Risk Summary

Many market-focused retirement plans use age 90 as their end point. But actuarial tables, rising health, and increasing life expectancy,  indicate that a longer horizon is not only appropriate, but essential for safety.

Then when you add in in other risks to increasing longevity, the risks combine and compound and multiply.  Do you see how market risk and sequence risks coincide, compound, and magnify each other when you are also carrying longevity risk?

Add in demographic risk pressures, withdrawal rate risk, and sequence of returns risk, and the retirement investment landscape is a veritable minefield.

Mitigate longevity risk with a source of guaranteed lifetime income.  Annuities do this perfectly

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Outlive Your Expectations, Not Your Money!!

Personal Situation

  • Know Your Health
  • Know Your Family History

Chart An Informed Course

  • Do Not Accept Scenarios That Only Plan To Age 90

Longevity Is An Insurable Risk

  • Lifetime Income Annuities = Longevity Protection
  • Buy If At All Possible …

If You Don’t Insure, Be Darn Sure You’re Making An Informed Decision!

Longevity Resources And Tools:

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  • Health, Medical, And Lifestyle Improvements Are Pushing Life Expectancy
  • Many People Will Live Longer Than They Expect

Buy Annuities, Live Longer

Society Of Actuaries Proves, Annuity Owners Live Longer!

High Income Annuitants Have 30% Less Morality Probability @ Age 65

High Income Annuitants May Live 3+ Years Above Average

When considering longevity, here are a few actuarial facts that few realize.

Average Life Expectancy is…

  • 85 Years For A 65 Year Old Male
  • 88 Years For a 65 Year Old Female
  • 50% chance one of a 65 year of couple to reach 92 Years!

The Problem Is … Average Is Just The Midpoint

50% Live LONGER Than Average …

There is a Significant Chance You Or A Spouse Will Live Well Into Your 90’s!


Longevity Risk

Longevity Risk

Mortality Table Showing Late Life Mortality Deceleration

Mortality Table Showing Late Life Mortality Deceleration

200px-GompertzBenjamin Gompertz first defined the mathematical facts of mortality in 1825.

In any given set of people, after the volatile early years, the increase in the mortality rate grows +/-9% per year.

Since the 1950’s, our life expectancy has grown, and a new trend emerges- a DECLINE in later year mortality.

Finally, annuitants as a group live longer than non-annuitized retirees.


1)The Longer you live, the more likely you are to live longer.

2)Married couples live longer than singles.

3)Annuitants as a population tend to live 3-5 years longer than non-annuitized retirees!