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There are all sorts of ways to find information about retirement planning online, and on many other platforms that include radio and TV.  Some resources will answer questions and others will only confuse you even more. Honestly, most people who give you information about annuities and retirement planning are just feeding you a sales pitch from someone else. There is a lack of creative thinking out there and part of my mission is to help you figure out the difference.

I may make a living selling annuities but I’m trying to take you as far away from a sales pitch as possible.  Part of the benefit of having a nationwide presence is that I get the opportunity to see how advisors work all over the country. People from every state bring me proposals from local advisors and I get a chance to improve upon that. When it’s a solid recommendation I will verify it in favor of the local agent. I’ve made some sales pretty easy for guys I’ve never met but so far no one has called to thank me for it.

More often than not, however, I find annuity recommendations that are clearly best for the advisor and not at all optimal for the customer. Sadly that is the world we live in, where someone is trying to make money at your expense. It happens to be standard practice for most of the people advertising to sell annuities and offer retirement advice.

I’ve seen almost all of it. I only say almost because there are certainly some shenanigans that I haven’t seen yet. Some guys brag about getting people to sign contracts and move money during the second meeting and others are proud of having developed a carefully crafted sales message that more or less tricks a person into doing whatever he says. Sorry, but I’m here for serious reasons and to do legitimate business, not to act like a frat boy picking up girls at a college party.

There have been several guests on my podcast in the past year and one of those guys happens to have been a previous host of Safe Money Radio, which is a marketing program run by a nationwide sales organization. It’s an organization that writes scripts for advisors and helps them put the message on local radio stations in each advisor’s area.  It’s a nice enough idea but there is nothing authentic about it.

We happened to have mentioned that my guest was a previous host, and the legal team for Safe Money Radio reached out to him with a request that he mustn’t use the program as a way to lend credibility to himself. I thought it was funny because we didn’t say anything bad about the program. If anything it was positive reinforcement of what they were doing. Regardless, I deleted all written mention of it for the benefit of my friend and had the idea to point out how my production is dramatically different.

Third-party marketing organizations are responsible for most annuity sales in the industry. One such organization is the driving force behind Safe Money Radio. So it’s the organization that creates the message, not the advisor who delivers it. I’d rather shoot myself in the head than let a random suit tell me how to deliver financial advice. They may as well send robots out to deliver the message.  

You may not like my voice but at least it’s my voice. You may not like my message but at least it’s my message. I have researched the topics and tested all the options.  Get your information from whomever you like but know that I hope you do the best thing possible. Listen to more on the podcast by clicking the link at the center top of the page and let me know your thoughts by commenting or responding to the email.

Podcast about Safe Money Radio

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

[1:53] Some annuities are sold even when they are not required, and in many cases, it’s detrimental to the individual’s financial situation

[8:05]  Safe Money Radio is a marketing program and a sales pitch to entice and get you to buy certain annuities

[13:46] Bryan explains how he had to work for insurance marketing organizations in order to do consistent business because he represents a lot of different things

[17:06] The value of enjoying what you’re doing

[18:13] It’s very important for him to make recommendations that align with the goals of his audience.

[19:05] The goal is to do service to the individual and make sure that they stay away from a contract that doesn’t benefit them.

[22:08] Annuity Straight Talk is about the consumer; it’s about what you should know and what you can do.

[22:17] When you’re empowered, you understand, you think for yourself, you figure things out, and you walk into a situation and commit to a financial deal. You don’t need anybody to tell you that you did a good job because you already know it for yourself.

Key Quotes:

[1:35] “The point of this is to give information to people so that they can make good decisions for themselves.”

[9:08] “This is me talking to you. This is what I’ve learned in the business talking to you.”

[10:46] “I wouldn’t feel good about myself if I was simply just a drone for someone else and working for another person’s objectives.”


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