Stock Market Head Fake?

Have you ever “panic sold” your investments after a flash crash, believing they’re going to fall all the way down, only to watch them regain value and go even higher? You run out of cash and get nervous because the market is starting to go away from you.

Chances are, you fell for a head fake.

The current market appears to be moving from one direction to the other. Trade during a head-fake usually happens at key breakout points, like major support or resistance levels.

So the big question for investors is, how do they keep up with this frenzy, manage their money and generate income regardless of where the stock market goes? How do they mitigate potential damage?

In this episode, Bryan and John Balmer use some charts to support, identify, and analyze patterns in today’s market.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

[4:46] Long-term retirement goals

[10:55] Market recoveries and what people should be on the lookout for

[12:13] The S&P 500 dropped 25% in six months

[13:49] Potential further downside in this market could possibly occur 

[14:15] Rates get high enough and they might pivot away from stocks

[14:53] You have to balance your fixed income with your risked assets 

[17:57] John gives us an overview of the S&P 500 index

[22:12] Managing risks appropriately and balancing your portfolios

Quotable Quotes:

[10:14] “In order for us to be really constructive in the market we got to get above the 200 moving average.”

[11:27] “Winning doesn’t mean winning all your money back. Sometimes it’s okay to walk away with some of it.”

[27:25] “Nobody likes to take losses but you should have money prepared in the stock market.”


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