The Best Annuity Training Possible

In this episode, let’s loosen our grip on the technical side of things and have a perspective shift. Because there’s a lot more to learn in life that doesn’t necessarily involve numbers and charts.

Today, Bryan tells a life-changing story that occurred to him on a trip a few years ago. He referred to it as the “best annuity training” possible as he went home with so many lessons learned in such a bizarre adventure. If you’re curious, this is the sign to click that play button.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

[8:50] Understand what people want and be able to give them proper communication 

[14:47] Recognizing people and being able to communicate with them is important

[15:41] Recognize success and appreciate the hard work of other people. Have respect for the assets they’ve got and the things that they keep private

[17:07] There are a lot of bad actors in the corporate world, but you have to understand that there are many good people out there.

[19:14] Experiencing the freedom of having independence 

[21:50] Picking up business conversations and learning a lot about them 

Key Quotes:

[4:01] “I want people to imagine and dream.”

[13:19] “If you work hard and are honest, the opportunity will come, and you’ll know how to take advantage of it.”

[17:19] “If you do things the right way, you would be able to attract the type of people that will be worth the effort.”


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