The Best Reason to Buy an Annuity

The best reason to buy an annuity is the guaranteed lifetime income. Enough said. However, let me elaborate more.
A couple of weeks ago I referenced a study on reverse dollar cost averaging done by Henry “Bud” Hebeler that talked about the negative effects of market volatility while drawing retirement income from your portfolio.
Well, just last week Mr. Hebeler was mentioned in this WSJ article that covers some reasons to use annuities in retirement. Find the article here.
Really it’s all about the benefits, right? I don’t mean to belabor the point but we’re talking about guaranteed lifetime income and all the ways it can enhance your portfolio.
Bud Hebeler is a retired Boeing executive who is in the middle of a new career as a retirement expert. This story shows that he puts his money where his mouth is. He uses laddered immediate annuities to cover income needs and mentions that the secure source of income allows him to invest remaining assets more aggressively.
And that’s the central point of retirement planning I have been and will continue to stress to members of this site. Securing a source of guaranteed lifetime income allows you to optimize your retirement portfolio. Everyone should be aware of all the challenges retirees will likely face in retirement so getting the most of your assets is essential to responsible planning.
When I am able to find quality articles that explain the subject well I like to keep this brief and to the point. The reasons to buy annuities are pretty cut and dry… asset preservation, conservative growth and guaranteed lifetime income. Honestly, who isn’t interested in that?
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