The Market Crash Is Here

Since the pandemic downturn occurred, financial experts have been in a frenzy, plotting every possible worst-case scenario. The market’s a game of tic-tac-toe. One minute, it’s hitting record highs. The next thing you know, we’re on the verge of a market correction. The markets have been experiencing extreme volatility since the beginning of this calendar year. Concerns about rising inflation and interest rates have been the number one topic for most investors. Whether we like it or not, the market crash is here, and it’s bound to happen.

Understanding that a crash could happen means that we can plan for our next move and plot it thoughtfully. Bryan and John are here today to talk about some game plans for what to do and what to expect as this phenomenon continues. Pay attention to their discussion, squeeze out some important points from it, and listen to this episode with an open mind. 

What You’’ll Learn From this Episode:

[2:33] Bryan’s retrospection on making investments: Taking finance classes, experimenting with portfolios, selecting stocks, and justifying your decisions based on metrics should be your guide. 

[4:30] Accumulation is far different from distribution when it comes to retirement. Providing a sustainable income to people is difficult.

[7:50] John talks about volatility, where the market’s being pushed up all over the place.

[10:22] Nobody can get away from the stress that they feel through momentary lapses.

[14:00] You have to have a different mindset when it comes to your retirement income plan.

[14:44] Everybody thinks yield is the key, but saving money is 95% of the issue.

[18:48] There’s massive carnage in the market even if the market is down 20%.

[20:55] Now’s the time to be diversified. between growth and value, stocks and bonds, alternative investments and commodities, and fixed instruments like annuities and insurance products. Right now, it’s all about the preservation of capital.

[30:22] John explains the pattern of value destruction.

[31:33] Always think about risk management and where you can take profits. Sell some of your winners and buy some of those losers.

Key Quotes:

[1:50] “Interacting with people and making a positive change for them is the goal.”

[9:01] “The machines have literally taken over the market. To me, this is the scariest, most ominous, and worrisome development in my investing lifetime.”

[21:54] “The market is being driven a lot by a large institution of buyers and sellers.”


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