The Results of Professional Asset Management

There are a lot of things that we can do to improve your portfolio. It’s just a matter of when to invest and when to raise your cash. For that to happen, you need someone like Bryan or John to guide you in the right direction. As experts on the market-based side of things, these folks can give you access to the right information when it comes to asset management and retirement planning so you can get your money’s worth and gain victory on the financial side of things.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

[4:23] Some of the things that you can do as an investor and some of the things that you should do

[8:10] Pay attention if you’re going to stay in the market to some certain extent. This is not about buying annuities. This is about having professional management that can help you weather the storms.

[9:56] The hardest thing to do during a full market is stay invested.

[12:30] John goes over some past clients that they have had and gives some samples to the listeners. 

[17:36] Significant drawdowns are tough pills to swallow, and they can really have a long-term detrimental impact on retirement. 

[17:56] Distribution is a lot different from accumulation.

Key Quotes:

[6:07] “My advice to clients for the market correction is to raise a significant amount of cash.”

[8:39] “My goal is to make sure that you get good information on all aspects of asset management, retirement planning, and general financial success.” 

[16:57] “Pain is easily forgotten and greed is a bigger driver than fear.”


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